Why Make a Real Estate Investment

We all have an idea of our financial goals for the long term and sometimes holding a nine-to-five job is not feasible to reach those long term goals. Where this is the case, investments in shares and properties are an option to achieve greater financial freedom.

The Australian Real Estate investment market

For those looking to begin real estate investment, the Australian market in general is at a prime period for investment. In Australia the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the real estate market was minimal compared to other countries. Recent trends and statistics show that real estate investment in Australia remains steady, and is outperforming many other countries.

What factors have contributed to this?

  • Australia is currently experiencing rapid population growth, this means that demand for property is higher, as well as more areas experiencing a boost in infrastructure development to complement the urban spread.
  • Annual statistics from the National Housing Supply Council (NHSC) of Australia indicate that we are facing an Australia-wide undersupply of housing, predominantly predicated to affect metropolitan areas.

Not all markets are feeling the undersupply in the same way, or have the same market demands. This is why it is important to understand the market your buying into. A good investment will provide a steady rental yeild with low vacancy rates. It will also provide you with overall strong capital gains, despite the market cycle, keeping in mind that it is a long term investment.

How do you get started with real estate investments?

As with anyinvestment market, real estate follows similar basic investment principals. Make sure you buy a property around infrastructure such as schools, shops and transport networks. Optimise on your real estate investment by organising a depreciation schedule and having a discussion about your plans with your financial planner and accountant. This will ensure you make the right choices and take on the right process to optimise on your real estate investment, by adding to or beginning your real estate investment portfolio with the type of investment which suits your circumstances.

Talk to LV Prestige to get started on your real estate investment today. We offer real estate investment opportunities in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Whatever your investment type, we’ll help you find the right property.