Overseas buyers buying a property in Australia and obtain the home loan

  1. Australian Government and banks very welcome the overseas investors to invest in Australian properties. The lending policy, requirement, interest rate and fees and charges are the same with locals
  2. Raising the funds from the Australian banks to buy properties in Australia will bring you the taxation benefits and leverage your investment portfolio
  3. Investors can use the increased equity on the property in the future to purchase 2nd property
  4. Most of banks allow borrowers to choose interest only repayment for the first 5 or 10 years without paying the principal off. Any advanced payment can be redrawn if needed (variable rate only)
  5. Max LVR is 70% to 80%
  6. Commercial property could be another option for investors. For overseas buyers, generally they can borrow up to 65% of the property value
  7. Currently 65% loans in Australia are done through brokers like Mortgage Choice. We have nearly 30 different lenders including major banks to choose from
  8. Interest rate, fees and charges are exactly the same with the lenders offer