First Home Owners Grant Information

Buying your first home can be a bit daunting, but we will be able to assist you to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.
Financial lenders will be able, by using our loan qualifier software, to tell you how much are you able to borrow and provide you with different loan options. We can put you in touch with the right lenders with the best rates.
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Why Make a Real Estate Investment?

We all have an idea of our financial goals for the long term and sometimes holding a nine-to-five job is not feasible to reach those long term goals. Where this is the case, investments in shares and properties are an option to achieve greater financial freedom.
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Investing In Real Estate: An Introduction

Investing in real estate remains one of the most effective, affordable and rewarding long term investment options for many people looking to achieve their financial goals.
With housing projections in Australia predicting the biggest future deficits to be in and around our major cities, some of the most promising returns both through rent and capital growth will be in these areas too – it’s basic supply and demand.
However, before you jump into action on investing in real estate, there are a number of factors to consider in order to minimise your risk and make the most out of your investments.
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How To Invest In Property

When you buy an investment property, you will find yourself making major decisions that will affect your financial stability. For this reason, investing in real estate property can often be a daunting process.This short guide on how to invest in property will take you through a simple approach to navigating market factors that could influence your investment property decision.
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Lifestyle Investment Property

The term ‘Lifestyle Property’ usually springs to mind with coastal properties that investors can spend their summers in and rent out for the rest of the year. However, Lifestyle Properties offer a lot more than this! Lifestyle Investment Property is a term used whenever the investor wants to find a balance between investment and lifestyle improvement by renting out their properties on a short let basis, and occupying it themselves during other time periods.
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Buying Investment property off the plan

Buying off the plan is an investment strategy where you purchase an apartment prior to it being completed. So why would you purchase property off-the-plan?
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Property Investments

Property investments can bring many financial benefits across short, medium and long term periods. For instance, a negatively geared property in the short term will allow you to minimise your tax while offsetting the holding costs – in the medium term the property should become neutrally or positively geared – and in the long term, if executed correctly, the property investment should have experienced strong capital growth allowing you to sell for a nice profit.
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Rental Investment Property

Whilst holding a residential rental investment property, you will make an extra income and can use the investment as a tax offset if the property is negatively geared. There are essentially two types of residential rental investment property options available.
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Finance For Your Investment Property

It is important to be aware of the upfront and ongoing costs associated with holding an investment property when considering your investment strategy.
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Selecting An Investment Property

People often ask us what makes a property a good investment. In fact, it’s probably the question that most people ask! The short answer is very simple: a property is a good investment when it’s in a desirable location and can demonstrate the potential for long term growth.
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Managing Your Investment Property

When you consider the property you are going to invest in, you should also take into account how much time and money you are prepared to put into the management of the property.
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New Property Developments

Current market projections predict Australia is facing a concerning housing shortage. Australia’s real estate market is in need of new property developments, and as a result, it is also a good time to invest in the property sector. This shortage means the demand for housing remains strong, despite the recent Global Financial Crisis and European melt down.
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Buying Investment Property Brand New

So why buy an investment property brand new or off-the-plan? There are a number of reasons that investors buy investment properties brand new or off-the-plan rather than a pre-built that is a resale. The main motivation usually stems from the very reason that people purchase investment properties to begin with, which is commonly to lower your taxable income while maximising on your returns.
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